Shop tattoo

At present, almost every tattoo parlor experiencing an unprecedented influx of customers, willing to to get a tattoo or piercing. This is due to people's desire to stand out from the crowd and be different from the surrounding, thus underlining its peculiarity and individuality. After many years of many salons tattoos greatly improved the technology of applying tattoo, as well as used equipment and materials.

Shop tattoo
"JD" no exception. We have a team of true professionals, which are not only rich experience in tattooing and body piercing, but the real talent of the artist. In his work, our masters use modern equipment and materials, making the tattoo, carried in the cabin "JD" a high level of artistry, durability and color saturation. All of our artists have been repeatedly evaluated and professionals and clients in our salon, who come to us again and again. Our masters will always find and offer a variety of embodiments of the style of your presentation, and radically change your image.

If you have been dreaming to make a tattoo or piercing, come in shop tattoo "JD". We perform:
People who attend our shop tattoo, receive services at the highest level, finding that, as ve always wanted. We take into account all the needs of our clients, offering carefully examine our portfolio and choice of a favorable tattoo. Continuous improvement in the art of tattooing, and the introduction of the latest technologies, allow tattoos, who not only love our clients, but also cause hot excitement surrounding.

It is very important, that our tattoo parlor cares not only about making your new image, but also for your safety, can guarantee that not all tattoo parlors in Nizhny Novgorod. We have to produce tattoo prices, of course, above, than private masters, but we we guarantee, that our equipment is completely sterile, and therefore safe for your health.

In addition, tattoo parlor "JD", always adheres to the average price level, whereas many of the services, performing other tattoo parlors prices high enough. We try to do so, that everyone could make their appearance shade of individuality and independence.